‘Learning to Lead’ Sixth Form event @ CCB

On Monday 7th March Grosvenor’s Head Boy Stuart Graham and Head Girl Olivia Cullen took up an invitation to attend the highly prestigious ‘Learning to Lead’ event, run by 'Create Express Consultancy' and held in the nearby surroundings of Campbell College.

The day started when Olivia and Stuart arrived at Campbell at 9:30am, whereupon they were met by the Principal of Campbell Mr Robinson, as well as other guests who all were head prefects from a range of schools located in East Belfast. From here the guests received a short tour of the school from Mr Robinson before making their way to take their seats in the library.

The event itself was divided into two sessions, each lead by Cora Robinson from ‘Create Express Consultancy’ itself. The first part of the day centred around a workshop which involved Cora providing those students present with interesting information relating to the topic of leadership. Integrated throughout this presentation were a variety of group activities where the students got the chance to mix with those from other schools, with key topics including: the importance of a positive mind-set, habits of good leaders and strategies to improve confidence and performance in the workplace.

At the end of the second session Shane Logan, chief executive of Ulster Rugby, was then invited to deliver a speech to the students on his life experiences and the steps he has taken in his career to be successful. After Shane gave his speech, the students were given the chance to ask him some questions in order to extract some more knowledge from him. 

Both Olivia and Stuart returned from the event reporting that they found it extremely worthwhile and inspirational and hope to put what they learnt into practice. Many thanks to ‘Create Express Consultancy’ for staging the event, as well as Campbell College for hosting it, and we hope that both Stuart and Olivia will put all that they learnt on the day to good use in their future careers.

Grosvenor Head Girl Olivia Cullen and Head Boy Stuart Graham (both far left) pictured alongside other participants in the prestigious 'Learning to Lead' initiative, held at Campbell College on Monday 7th March.