Library re-opening for Libraries Week

On Thursday 11th October Grosvenor's Pupil Librarians welcomed Professor David Johnston, from Queen’s University Belfast, to the School's Library Launch event in conjunction with 'National Libraries Week'.

Professor Johnston is Director for the 'Centre for Translation and Interpreting' at Queen’s, as well as an internationally-known academic whose status has been recognised by his recent election to the European Academy of Arts, Letters and Sciences. He gave an inspirational talk about his days as a pupil at the-then Grosvenor High School, in the 1970s, and the teachers who encouraged his passion for the Spanish language.

After his presentation, pupils were invited to ask questions: senior pupils asked about the university language courses while junior pupils were more interested in his extensive travelling in some twenty-five foreign countries. It made for a lively conversation which extended past the end of lunchtime!

Grosvenor's Pupil Librarians certainly benefitted from the fond memories and perceptive experiences shared by Professor Johnston; from his ‘wake up’ moment during the Troubles to his philosophy of connecting (beyond today’s gadgets), the message about finding oneself in the quiet of a library hit a cord with our pupils.

Many thanks to Professor Johnston for taking the time to visit us, despite his busy schedule, and for imparting the wisdom of his years at Grosvenor and beyond, through his successful academic career.

We are hopeful that Professor Johnston will visit the School again to share more wonderfully enlightened memories of Grosvenor.

Mrs S. Brown (GGS Librarian)

Grosvenor's Pupil Librarians, pictured alongside visiting speaker Professor David Johnston as well as the School's new Librarian, Mrs Brown, at the re-launch of Library on the afternoon of Thursday 11th October.