LMC Cookery Demonstration 2012

Home Economics is one of the busiest departments in Grosvenor and this was shown once again on the afternoon of Wednesday 19th December when it welcomed Maureen Anderson from the ‘Livestock and Meat Commission’ to demonstrate to its GCSE Form 4 pupils.  

During the visit Maureen spoke to a number of pupils about using local meat products, outlining their benefits to both individuals and the local community. Following this Maureen then discussed new and exciting ways to use meats in order to create healthy and flavoursome meals.  The cooking demonstration was superb and Mrs Anderson showed everybody in attendance exactly how to prepare meat dishes that were both economical and high in nutritional value.

Following the event those present were offered the chance to sample the delicious food, which included Beef Stir fry and Creamy Peppered Beef. Everybody enjoyed the event greatly, learning a lot about quality Northern Irish meat and receiving a fantastic recipe book.

Many thanks to Maureen, as well as the LMS itself, for delivering such an educational series of demonstrations, as well as GGS’s own Mrs Barbara Farris, Head of Home Economics, whose organization of the event made it possible.

We look forward to welcoming the LMC back to the School next year.

A selection of Form 4 Home Economics students with Maureen Anderson from the 'Livestock and Meat Commssion' following her cookery demonstration on Wednesday 19th December