'Love for Life' - 'Icebergs and Babies'

On Tuesday 13th June Grosvenor welcomed representatives Heather and James, from the Christian charity organisation ‘Love for Life’, to its Lecture/Dance studio where they delivered an engaging and informative workshop entitled ‘Icebergs and Babies’ to its year eleven pupils.

The session dealt with the sensitive but vital issue of sex and relationships, teaching the pupils present how they are surrounded by these issues all the time and from a young age. The workshop began with a scenario based around the characters of Oscar and Martha, explaining - through their story - the risks of sending explicit photos, as well as what factors make sex more likely in teenage relationships.

Following this a number of further important issues were addressed, such as virginity – the different ways it is portrayed by the media, the dangers of losing it and circumstances in which it is acceptable to lose it. So too another important factor – that of STIs – was also discussed, as Heather and James talked about the possible negative outcomes from having sex, as well as suggested preventative measures, such as contraception.

Many thanks to James and Heather – the latter a former Deputy Head Girl of the School – for making the time to visit Grosvenor and deliver such a hard-hitting and informative message to its year eleven pupils, as well as the School’s Head of LLW Mrs Karen Kirk who was responsible for organising and co-ordinating the visit.

We look forward to welcoming ‘Love for Life’ back to Grosvenor before long. 

Heather and James, from the Christian charity organisation 'Love for Life', with GGS year eleven pupils (from left to right): Tom Smith, Stephen Wright, Ruth Sellar and Fiona Kelly.