Lower 6th "No Phone Zone"

On the morning of Monday 10th March a group of ten pupils in Lower 6th boldly went where few teenagers in the modern era have been before by relinquishing their mobile phones for an entire 24 hours, to raise money for ‘Habitat for Humanity’. 

The pupils voluntarily participated in the “No Phone Zone” initiative, with their phones being locked in the school safe at 9.00 am on the Monday morning and returned to them at the same time the following day. 

As ‘Habitat for Humanity’ is a charity that aims to help people who don’t even have a roof over their heads, the pupils felt it was appropriate to do without something that meant so much to them but yet was nothing more than a luxury item.

Prior to Christmas the same group of pupils, alongside their counterparts from ‘Our Lady and St. Patrick’s College Knock’, helped to raise £1235 for ‘Habitat for Humanity’ through a range of initiatives and it is hoped that further enterprises, such as the "No Phone Zone” will help the School to significantly add to this sum.


Some of Grosvenor's Lower 6th pupils prepare to lock their mobile phones in the school safe