Lower 6th Politics trip to Parliament Buildings, Stormont

On Tuesday 16th January a delegation of pupils from Grosvenor’s Lower 6th were afforded the opportunity to visit Parliament Buildings, Stormont where they engaged in a lengthy question-and-answer session with a range of MLAs.

Present at the session were MLAs Gerry Kelly (Sinn Fein), Robin Newton (D.U.P.), Dolores Kelly (S.D.L.P.), Steven Agnew (Green) and Judith Cochrane (Alliance), as well as Michael Copeland’s political researcher, former Grosvenor pupil Jason Burke.

In total 16 pupils from the School made the worthwhile trip, and were  given the chance to raise a wide range of important and relevant issues, such as the recent flags debate and the need for an opposition within government.

Many thanks to all of the MLAs who gave of their time freely in order to participate in the event, as well Grosvenor’s Head of Politics Mr Ronnie Elliott whose organisation helped to make it possible.

Grosvenor's AS Politics students during their visit to Stormont earlier in the month