'Make a Wish' charitable donation

Congratulations to Grosvenor pupil Emma Mackey, Year 8, who hosted an afternoon Tea Party at her home on Saturday 30th March to raise money for the ‘Make a Wish’ charity. The day was an outstanding success as the grand total raised was £481! As a school, in the weekly charity collections, the target is for pupils to donate 50p per week to a nominated charity. Emma's form class, 8E, have often exceeded this total throughout the year as pupils within the class collectively understand the importance of making charity-giving part of a routine. 

When the time came for 8E to nominate a charity, Emma nominated ‘Make a Wish’ and was particularly delighted when her own wish was granted and the charity was selected by the year group to support. Emma's mother's workplace has also supported the charity in the past and Emma was often moved when her mother would tell stories about children who'd been supported by ‘Make a Wish’. ‘Make a Wish’ is a charity that aims to grant the wishes of seriously ill children. On visiting the website today, you would encounter Ruby, who has Kleefstra syndrome and wishes for a family holiday in Devon, or Jack, who has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia and wishes to meet the real Santa with his reindeers. 

Within a week of the charity being nominated, Emma arrived into school with an invitation for all her classmates, and their parents, to come to an afternoon tea party at her house. At the event, Emma’s family supplied the tea, buns and Northern Irish traybakes in exchange for a donation to the charity. The event was well-supported and Emma even organised an Easter Egg Hunt for, as she called them, 'the young ones'. It is particularly poignant to see young people coming together, putting the adults to work for a change, to support other young people their age; how fortunate that we are to have such fantastic and generous role models in our school community.

Thank you, Emma and everyone else in 8E, who came to support. Finally, a thank you to all the charity givers out there. Let's keep up the good work and keep making wishes come true! 

Members of 8E who helped to raise £481 for the 'Make a Wish' charity following a tea party hosted by class member Emma Mackey.