McClaren Automotive Ltd. visit

On Friday 25th November 2016 Grosvenor welcomed Mr Eddie Thompson, Senior Design Engineer at McLaren Automotive Ltd. to the school where he spoke to the School’s Year Ten pupils about his career in Engineering.

Mr Thompson spoke with the pupils about his work with McLaren as well as the career opportunities available within Engineering. Whilst each of Mr Thompson’s talks was both informative and engaging, the highlight of the afternoon had to be the sight and sound of the McLaren 570S Coupe which he arrived in and could be viewed in the playground. With a top speed of 204mph and 0-60mph in 3.2 seconds the car’s vital statistics impressed us all, however, the £180,000 price tag suggests it won’t be making it to too many of our Christmas lists this year!

Finally, a note of thanks must go to Mr Thompson and his colleagues at McLaren for the time taken to speak to our pupils, as well as GGS’s Head of Technology and Design Mr Sammy Taggart who organized the entire event. 

We trust Year Ten will consider some of his advice as they consider their GCSE option choices over the weeks ahead.

The McClaren 570S Coupe which paid a visit to Grosvenor on Friday 25th November.