Mock EU Council Debate

Congratulation to three of Grosvenor’s A2 Politics students who participated with distinction at a Mock E.U. Council Debate, held at Parliament Buildings, Stormont on Friday 23rd October.

The event, run by the British Council, saw Grosvenor’s representatives – Hannah Gibson, Andrew Graham and Ellis Hanna – represent Spain during the contest, during which they were required to debate on two topics.

Firstly, debate raged over the issue of an Economic stimulus package: how it should be spent, how money should be divided among member states and what needs to be prioritised. Andrew Graham represented the School on this issue and opened very strongly. Throughout the discussion a high level of debate was evident before a vote was held at the end on whether to pass the package in its current form, which saw the motion defeated.

Secondly, Hannah Gibson took part on emotive discussion relating to the Migrant Crisis. In this instance Hannah tried to shift focus back to origins of the crisis in a debate which revolved around how best to handle the issue, with the discussion becoming particularly heated at times!

Throughout both debates fellow Grosvenor pupil Ellis Hanna worked in support - researching and passing information to Andrew and Hannah, allowing each of them to build their arguments. 

Chairperson throughout the event was Jane Morris (former MLA), who commented that the standard of debate was the best that she has yet experienced, which is saying something given that the event has been running for eleven years. 

Well done to Grosvenor’s triumvirate of participants who participated superbly on the day, as well as to Grosvenor’s own Mrs Lander who accompanied them on the day.

We look forward to following Grosvenor’s participation in similar events throughout the year.

Left to right: Upper Sixth pupils Hannah Gibson, Ellis Hanna and Andrew Graham, who represented the School in a mock E.U. Debate at Parliament Buildings, Stormont, on Friday 23rd October.