Mock Interview Programme 2018

On the evenings of Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd October Grosvenor’s Careers Department welcomed nearly forty representatives from business and industry to the School, to participate in the delivery of its annual Mock Interview programme.

In total almost one hundred pupils in Year Fourteen took advantage of the opportunity to participate in the initiative, which teaches them how to write an application form, prepare for an interview, carry out an interview and, most importantly, enables them to receive feedback regarding their performance. 

Each pupil was interviewed by two or three people and faced a number of questions over a fifteen minute period. Pupils were then provided with written and verbal feedback on their performance which, on the whole, focused on the excellent, articulate nature of our students. Feedback from pupils themselves, meanwhile, was also extremely positive, as many noted that it boosted their confidence, gave them areas to work on for upcoming application forms and interviews, and commented that they won’t be as nervous again when it comes to actual interviews over the coming months.

As always the programme proved invaluable to pupils as they now prepare for imminent university entrance interviews; many thanks to those professionals who gave of their time to participate in the event, as well as teachers Ms Seaton (Teacher in charge of Business Links) and Mrs Rea (Head of Careers) whose diligent organisation of the event helped to make it such a success.  

Year Fourteen pupils (from left to right): Chloe McCully, Leah McCoy, Chloe Hunter-Rea and Kathryn Nelson, pictured prior to their participation in this year's Mock Interview programme, on the evening of Tuesday 23rd October.