'Mood Matters' Educational Workshops

On Friday 23rd September Grosvenor welcomed representatives from ‘Mood Matters’ to the school where they delivered a series of workshops to the school’s Year Thirteen pupils over three interactive, thought-provoking and highly worthwhile sessions.

During the workshops pupils learnt about symptoms of depression and anxiety, studied scenarios of individuals affected by mental health issues, discussed how they thought someone with a mental illness would feel and looked at various causes of mental health-related illness. In addition, pupils were also educated regarding what to look out for in friends and family who may be suffering from mental health problems, as well as discussing strategies to help avoid such problems before being provided with a summary booklet at the end of the day.

‘Mood Matters’ is an award winning educational programme, developed and delivered by ‘Aware’ since 2000, which aims to raise awareness of the importance of looking after our mental health, highlight the risk factors for, and symptoms of, stress and depression; and reduce stigma by conveying the message that depression is an illness and not a sign of weakness.

The organisation's day of workshops within GGS proved extremely worthwhile to all pupils involved, while those delivering the sessions also commented extremely favourably on the response which they received from the school’s highly engaged, enthusiastic students.

Many thanks to ‘Mood Matters’ for taking the time to come into the school and we look forward to welcoming the organisation back to Grosvenor in the near future.

Some of the School's Year Thirteen pupils engage in one of the 'Mood Matters' workshops, delivered on Friday 23rd September.