‘New Driver NI’ Sixth Form Presentation

On Wednesday 19th November Grosvenor welcomed Stephen Savage from ‘New Driver NI’ to the School to speak to its Upper Sixth Year Group regarding the issue of Road Safety, in accordance with ‘Road Safety Week’ 2014.

In a year in which road fatalities have risen by 70% from 2013 and 100% from 2012, Stephen spoke to those in attendance about dangers on the road, the most common causes of collisions and the consequences of negligent driving, as well as providing useful tips in relation to the purchase and maintenance of cars for first time buyers.  In addition Stephen also provided the School with complimentary copies of the latest ‘New Driver NI’ magazine, which has proven popular with the over 25000 young people who have thus far received it across the province.

As if Stephen’s visit to the School did not create enough excitement he was also accompanied on the day by a camera crew from UTV, as well as reporter Marc Mallet who took the opportunity to interview four pupils as well as Head of Sixth form Miss Nicola Hyndman regarding the issue of Road Safety.

Many thanks to Stephen for taking the opportunity to visit the School and we look forward to welcoming him back again soon to speak to the Lower Sixth about issues relating to new and learner drivers.

Stephen Savage from 'New Driver NI' with a selection of Upper Sixth pupils following his presentation on Wednesday 19th November