'New Driver NI' Year Thirteen Talk

Many thanks to Stephen Savage, from the safe driving organisation ‘New Driver NI’, who recently took time out of his busy schedule to visit the school, speaking to its Year Thirteen pupils to offer advice relating to a range of motoring issues. 

Stephen has been a regular visitor to Grosvenor over the past five years and put his many years of experience to good use in providing those present with useful tips relating to driving theory and practical tests, the purchasing of cars, car insurance and road safety laws, amongst other things.

Stephen also provided students with copies of the latest edition of the ‘New Driver NI’ magazine, which again includes a plethora of useful information for young people in the process of learning to drive or who have just passed their test; as always Stephen’s talk met with a very positive reception from those pupils present, with many of them signing up to the ‘Share the Road to Zero' pledge which will hopefully assist in the reduction of the number of young people being seriously injured or killed on our roads. 

Stephen was also accompanied on the day by Julie Wallace from ‘AB&C Insurance’, one of New Driver NI’s sponsors for the current year. On behalf of the School, sincerest gratitude is extended to Stephen for, once again, making the time to visit GGS; we look forward to welcoming him back to the School again in the near future.

Stephen Savage from 'New Driver NI' (far right), pictured alongside Julie Wallace of 'AB&C Insurance' (far left) as well as a number of Grosvenor's Year Thirteen pupils during his recent visit to the School.