‘Northern Ireland Army Cadet Force Military Skills Competition’ Success!

Congratulations to Grosvenor pupil Ryan McMaster, Year Thirteen, who recently earnt himself honours following a gruelling forty hours of tough physical and mental challenge at the ‘Northern Ireland Army Cadet Force Military Skills Competition’.

Seventeen-year-old Ryan, who is Cadet Company Sergeant Major of Grosvenor’s Army Cadet Force Detachment, was awarded the trophy for ‘Best Section Commander’ at the annual event, in which Cadet teams from across Northern Ireland compete in a range of military skills, including First Aid, command tasks, fieldcraft, signals, skill-at-arms and observation.  

Together with Grosvenor students, Cadet Conn Ashby (16); Cadet Corporal Kyle Magrath (16), Cadet Sergeant Robert Orr (17), Cadet Corporal Thomas Manley (16) and Cadet Corporal Christopher Hughes (16), Ryan was also celebrating the receipt of team awards - second place overall and third place in the prestigious ‘March Trophy’.

Well done to Ryan, as well as his fellow GGS students, on such impressive results – we hope that the Cadets within GGS continue to thrive for many years to come.  

Grosvenor pupil Ryan McMaster is pictured receiving congratulations from Colonel Rob Lindsay, Deputy Commander, 38 (Irish) Brigade ... and of course, the Royal Irish Regiment’s mascot, the ever-popular Brian Boru X, pictured with his handler.