Onatti Theatre Company Visit

On the afternoon of Friday 16th November Grosvenor’s French Department welcomed the Onatti Theatre Company to the William Moles Hall to perform to a range of pupils in Forms 3 – Upper 6th.

The performance on the day came in the from of a ‘two-handed’ play entitled “Les Filles” (The Girls) and featured actors Samuel and Celine as the main protagonists.  Within the plot of the play Samuel wishes to get rid of his girlfriend, who loves him, for another girl who is not interested in him, before eventually ending up with another girl entirely! 

The Onatti Group often involve members of the audience within their performances and this time it was Upper 6th pupil Laura Kernaghen who was called onto the stage, staying there for a full 15 minutes, during which she performed superbly, understanding all that was being said and conversing freely with the other actors.

Many thanks to the Onatti Theatre Group for performing on the day, as well as Head of French Mr Diarmuid Brittain for organising this most worthwhile opportunity.

We look forward to welcoming the Onatti Company back to the School in the near future.