‘Oxbridge’ Trip 2014

On Monday 31st March twelve of Grosvenor’s top academics in Lower 6th, accompanied by Mr Wilson and Mrs Burns, embarked on the annual ‘Oxbridge’ trip to Oxford and Cambridge Universities to familiarize themselves with the Colleges to which they may wish to apply next year. 

The trip, which ran until Thursday 3rd April, saw the School’s contingent reside at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge for the first two days, followed by Oxford University’s St. Catherine’s College. 

During the four-day long trip pupils received the opportunity to experience an Admissions Seminar, a ‘Taster Tutorial’ in Physics, tours of Corpus Christie and Queen's Colleges as well as some rowing whilst in Cambridge, in addition to a further Admissions Seminar at St. Catherine’s College and a tour of Brasenose College whilst in Oxford. 

The visit proved highly worthwhile and popular and we wish those pupils who participated in it the best of luck with their university applications next year.


Grosvenor's participants in this year's Oxbridge trip during their four-day long visit at the beginning of April