PCSP 'Road Safety Roadshow' 2015

On Thursday 1st October 30 selected pupils from Grosvenor’s Upper Sixth made the journey to Belfast City Hall where they attended the Belfast Policing and Community Safety Partnership’s annual ‘Road Safety Roadshow’.

Presented by Cool FM’s Pete Snodden, the event centred around the story of Craig, an over-confident 17 year old who had just passed his driving test. The event began with the audience being introduced to Craig himself, a cheeky, cocky teenager looking forward to his first night out with his girlfriend following the passing of his test. Following this, however, the mood quickly turned sombre as the audience viewed a video reconstruction of Craig’s night out, which ended tragically when a serious road accident, caused by Craig’s own irresponsible driving, resulted in the death of his girlfriend and serious injuries to Craig himself.

Following this the audience heard, at first hand, from a Police Officer, Paramedic, Fireman and Hospital Consultant on the horrors that they faced upon arrival at the scene and the action that they were required to take in order to deal with it. These individuals were not actors and each provided moving and, at times, upsetting accounts of what they witnessed at the scene of Craig’s collision, as well as at other horrific incidents that they have had to attend to over the years.

The climax of the event took place at the front of the City Hall grounds where a reconstruction of Craig’s accident, complete with overturned car, police vehicles, ambulance and a fire engine, helped hit home to those present the true extent of the damage that can be caused by reckless driving.

The event played host to over 500 pupils from various schools around the province and was superbly put together on the day. The message – be vigilant on the roads at all times – could not have been put across more strongly and left all GGS pupils present in no doubt of the importance of taking responsibility when behind the wheel.

Many thanks to the PCSP for putting together such a superb, professional show and the School looks forward to attending any of its future roadshows over the coming years.

Grosvenor pupils outside Belfast City Hall prior to this year's PCSP 'Road Safety Roadshow'.

A mock car accident, set up at the front of City Hall, hit home to those present the importance of showing vigilance when behind the wheel.