Physics Fun Day @ Lagan College

On Wednesday 24th April twenty-three pupils from 2nd year at Grosvenor were given the opportunity to attend a Physics Fun Day titled “Go with the Flow” at Lagan College.

Following a welcome from Lagan Principal Mrs Mc Namee Grosvenor’s contingent, along with pupils from ‘Our Lady and St. Patrick’s College, Knock’ and ‘Lagan College’ itself learnt that you will not actually explode in space - you will only turn blue, swell up and have your saliva boil!

All of the pupils in attendance were amazed at the feat of Felix Baumgartner, the first person to break the sound barrier unaided by a vehicle. Felix jumped from space from an altitude of 38969.4metres.

Furthermore the pupils discovered how aeroplanes stay in the air and then got the chance to make some paper planes themselves. Everyone got the chance to ride on a real hovercraft before launching rockets, some of which shot up much higher than the surrounding buildings, while others barely flew above the head of their disappointed creator!

Many of those in attendance were inspired to take science to a higher level as a result of the day and a great time was had by all.   Many thanks to Lagan College for hosting the event and to Grosvenor’s Head of Physics Mrs Melanie Fox for accompanying the pupils to it.






Pupils from Grosvenor, Lagan College and Our Lady and St. Patrick's College hard at work during the Physics 'Go with the Flow' Fun Day in April