Politics trip to Parliament Buildings

On Tuesday 29th November Grosvenor’s Year Thirteen Politics students received an outstanding opportunity when they were invited to spend the day in the illustrious surroundings of Parliament Buildings, Stormont.

During their educational visit pupils were afforded the chance to sit in the public gallery of the Assembly during one of its plenary sessions, during which they listened to a talk by Simon Hamilton, Minister for the Economy. Following this the pupils had the chance to meet with Peter Hall, clerk of the Economy Committee, followed by five additional MLAs from a variety of parties, namely the DUP, Sinn Féin, Alliance, Green and UUP. During this question-and-answer session the pupils, in particular, did the school proud with a number of probing, intelligent queries which aroused plenty of healthy debate and exchange of opinions.

Many thanks to those at Stormont who granted the permission required to make this trip possible, as well as GGS Politics teacher Mrs Julie Lander who co-ordinated the trip and accompanied the pupils on the day.

We look forward to reading about many further Politics trips in the new year.


Grosvenor's Year Thirteen Politics students, as well as Mrs Lander, during their visit to Parliament Buildings at the end of November.