Prefect Appointments 2017-2018

On Friday 28th April Grosvenor made the much-anticipated announcement regarding its Head Boy, Head Girl and deputies for the academic year 2017-2018 when Dr Vasey met with this year’s six lucky pupils to inform them of and congratulate them on their appointments.

Following voting amongst all year thirteen pupils as well as the entire teaching staff, as well as a rigorous set of interviews conducted on Thursday 27th April, Aaron Harrison and Amy Cullen were chosen as Head Boy and Head Girl for the forthcoming academic year, with Angus Harron, Jack Patterson, Sarah Myles and Claire Sullivan as their deputies. Each member of this year’s team officially took on their roles when issued with their badges by outgoing Head Boy and Head Girl Stuart Nelson and Annie McKirgan.

In addition the remaining thirty-eight Prefects within the year group were informed of their appointments on Tuesday 2nd May when they were also handed their badges, as well as their Prefect ties, by Dr. Vasey.

Congratulations to all of the pupils who have been selected to represent the school as Prefects over the coming twelve months, and a huge thanks to those who have performed the role over the past year, especially the ‘Senior Team’ of Stuart Nelson, Cameron Hamilton, Stephen Hedley, Annie McKirgan, Hannah Blair and Lauren McKissick who have regularly acted beyond the call of duty when required.

A full list of the prefects for 2017-2018 is included below:



Head Boy

Aaron Harrison


Deputy Head Boys

Angus Harron

Jack Patterson


Head Girl

Amy Cullen


Deputy Head Girls

Sarah Myles

Claire Sullivan 


Robert Bruce


Zoe Baird

Nathan Chan

Holly Brannigan

Ben Davies

Faye Cherry

Ethan Fitzsimons

Libby Duncan

Guy Harrison

Olivia Lockhart

Jack Jordan

Eva Lowry

James Joyce

Georgia Mayhew

Gordon Kelly

Lily McCullough

Andrew Lindsay

Amy McMillan

Jonathan Little

Ruth Milligan

Sam McClintock

Sarah Moore

Judah McNaughten

Jessica Patterson

Ewan Renfrew

Jennifer Roets

Frankie Shanks

Jessica Sayer

Isaac Skillen

Rachel Simpson

Ben Stevenson

Anna Stanfield

Dan Whitcroft

Molly Steele

Mark Woods

Eva Wardlow


Fern Wilson


Rebekah Wilson



Left to right: The 'Senior Team' 2017-2018 - Claire Sullivan, Jack Patterson, Amy Cullen, Aaron Harrison, Sarah Myles and Angus Harron, pictured alongside Dr. Vasey.

The outgoing 'Senior Team' of (from left to right): Lauren McKissick, Stephen Hedley, Annie McKirgan, Stuart Nelson, Hannah Blair and Cameron Hamilton, pictured alongside Dr. Vasey and Head of Senior School Miss Hyndman.

The outgoing and incoming Senior teams pictured alongside Dr. Vasey, Miss Hyndman, Dr. Rolleston and Mr. Brunt.