PSNI 'Road Safe Roadshow'

On Thursday 20th September twenty members of Grosvenor’s Year Fourteen made the journey to Ashfield Boys’ High School where they attended a highly worthwhile ‘Road Safe Road Show’, hosted by the P.S.N.I. in conjunction with ‘Cool F.M.’

The event focused on the aftermath of a road traffic accident featuring a young driver who loses control of their vehicle, whilst distracted by use of their mobile phone, on a night out with his friends. The aftermath of this collision featured interviews with real life members of the emergency services, hospital medics, police officers and P.S.N.I. family liaison officers, all of whom explained the challenges and realities of carrying out their jobs following incidents such as that focused on during the roadshow.

The event proved extremely powerful in getting its hard-hitting message across to its young audience regarding the importance of behaving responsibly behind the wheel, with all of Grosvenor’s attendees on the day commenting on the positive impact that it had on them.

Many thanks to the P.S.N.I. and ‘Cool F.M.’ for running such a worthwhile activity, as well as Grosvenor’s Head of Year Fourteen Mrs Peel, who accompanied the pupils on the day and without whom the trip would not have been possible.

We look forward to reporting on many further road safety-related events throughout the year. 

Members of Grosvenor's Year Fourteen who attended a 'Road Safe Roadshow' at Ashfield Boys' High School on Thursday 20th September.