PSNI Road Safety Talk 2018

At the end of April Grosvenor had the pleasure of welcoming PSNI Road Education Officer Chrstina Dowds-Dillon to its William Moles Hall, where she delivered an informative, powerful and compelling talk to its Year Fourteen pupils regarding the importance of safety on the roads.

As well as quoting statistics regarding the number of road traffic casualties in the province during 2018 so far - which served as a chilling reminder of how easily lives can be lost on the roads, those in attendance were also shown videos of real life road collisions, whilst also viewing a short, emotive video which followed the plight of a young girl who suffered severe burns after becoming trapped in her vehicle following a road collision in which she was completely blameless. This particular video proved especially powerful as it highlighted the case not of somebody who had died following a road accident, but of a road collision perpetrator who survived his particular ordeal and was left to cope with the guilt of causing such permanent damage to a beautiful, vibrant young girl.

Many thanks to Christina for taking the time to visit the school – her talk proved extremely effective in communicating the dangers of irresponsible behavior on the roads and will hopefully have given Grosvenor’s Sixth Formers, many of whom are learning to drive or have recently passed their driving test, plenty of food for thought regarding how to behave when behind the wheel.

The School looks forward to welcoming Christina back to deliver more of her powerful, moving presentations soon.

Grosvenor pupils (from left to right): Karl Depayso, Tom Corr and Mark Woods, pictured with PSNI Road Safety Officer Christina Dowds-Dillion following her talk to Year Fourteen at the end of April.