Earlier in the term four of Grosvenor’s Form Five GCSE students, namely Claire Sullivan, Rachel Simpson, Karl Depayso and Guy Harrison, received the opportunity to attend the highly worthwhile PWC STEM event, run by jointly by the PWC and a company called ‘Bright Futures’.

The event was part of a "Your Life" government campaign to show the dynamic career opportunities unlocked by studying Maths and Science and to promote, in particular, the study of Maths and Physics.

Grosvenor’s four attendees on the day worked alongside pupils from other schools, learning about career paths in PWC and the importance of problem-solving and communication skills. Each group completed a series of tasks and had to give a presentation, at the end, on their findings, before receiving a tour of the PWC offices.

The event proved highly worthwhile and all four of Grosvenor’s pupils present found the day extremely beneficial.


Grosvenor pupil Claire Cullivan (centre) alongside students from various other schools at the PWC STEM Event, held earlier in the term.