Rachel Simpson – ‘True Colours’ Exhibition 2019

Congratulations to Grosvenor alumnus Rachel Simpson, a member of last year’s Year Fourteen, whose A Level artwork was recently selected for inclusion at the prestigious ‘True Colours’ Exhibition, which is being held in the Ulster Museum at present.

The work of some of Northern Ireland's most exceptional young artists has been placed on display at the Museum, and will remain there throughout January and February; CCEA’s ‘True Colours’ being a showcase of the most outstanding artwork produced for the summer 2018 GCE and GCSE examinations.

It is anticipated that the event will be visited by almost 50,000 people over the coming months, with many schools making trips to show other young artists the exceptional standard and quality of work produced in Northern Ireland.

Congratulating Rachel on the launch night for the event - on Thursday 10th January - was Grosvenor’s own Mrs Denvir-Watson, who taught Rachel for her final four years in the School

Very well done to Rachel on her superb achievement; it is a true testament to her incredible artistic ability and we look forward with confidence to more of her work being displayed in further exhibitions over the years to come.

Rachel Simpson, a member of last year's Year Fourteen in Grosvenor, pictured alongside her GCSE and A Level Art teacher Mrs Lynn Denvir-Watson at this year's 'True Colours' Exhibition, held in the Ulster Museum.