Road Safety Event @ Knock Fire Station

On Monday 20th November twenty members of Grosvenor’s Year Fourteen made the short journey to Knock Fire Station where they attended a talk and demonstration aimed at increasing awareness of the dangers of irresponsibility behind the wheel.

The session began with a talk from Stephen Hall, Crew Commander with the Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service, which highlighted important statistics relating to the number of fatalities resulting from dangerous driving each year, as well as the most common causes of road collisions and the best ways to avoid such scenarios.

Following this the pupils were taken outside where, in groups of four, each pupil present was given the chance to sit within the PSNI’s car simulator, which realistically highlighted the realities of being involved in a road traffic collision, whilst the remainder of the GGS contingent watched a series of videos highlighting the potentially horrendous consequences of reckless behaviour behind the wheel.

Many thanks to the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service, along with the PSNI, both of which helped to deliver the important message regarding road safety in the most hard-hitting and, therefore, effective manner possible.

The GGS pupils present cannot fail to have taken away important lessons from this most worthwhile event and we now look forward to them heeding the advice given when behind the wheel over the weeks and months to come. 

Grosvenor Year Fourteen pupils at Knock Fire Station on Monday 20th November.