Belfast YMCA ‘Friends Forever Good Relations’ Programme

Congratulations to Grosvenor Grammar School pupils Matthew Carson and Courtney Robinson who have been selected to participate in the Belfast YMCA’s prestigious ‘Friends Forever Good Relations’ programme.

Selection for this year’s programme saw individuals complete a lengthy application form and attend a series of rigorous interviews.  Despite the high standard of applications, Matthew (Form 5) and Courtney (Form 4) gained selection as two of the final ten participants due to their ability to display high degrees of responsibility, maturity and leadership skills. 

‘Friends Forever’ is a yearlong effective community relations programme designed to help groups of ten teenagers from Northern Ireland break down fear and mistrust between cultural divides.  The programme consists of a series of meetings and participation on a 14 day experiential learning programme, taking place in New Orleans, USA from Saturday 20th October to Saturday 3rd November.  The programme requires its participants to explore religious, political and social differences that influence individual and group identity.  

The group will participate in community service, public presentations and explore the opportunities arising from diversity and multiculturalism.  All aspects of the programme link with the revised curriculum and provide an excellent opportunity for young people to explore identity, diversity, multiculturalism and leadership skills.

Congratulations to Matthew and Courtney on their outstanding success and we wish them the best of luck throughout the programme.