Royal Navy STEM Workshop

On Friday 30th November Grosvenor was delighted to welcome the Royal Navy STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) team which held a series of workshops for pupils in Form Three throughout the day.

These workshops had three different activity stations at which pupils were required to complete tasks that required the skills developed in STEM subjects.  At the first station pupils were presented with a scenario (either humanitarian aid or military defence); the pupils then had to use Mathematics to calculate how much fuel and food was required, how the aid would be transported most effectively and what weapons and supplies would be needed. 

Following this pupils moved on to the communications task which was a bit like ‘Guess Who?’ This required them to gather information on different Naval crafts and then use Morse Code to answer a number of questions.  Finally pupils moved on to the concluding task where they had to fabricate the fan for a turbine and try to make the fastest and most energy-efficient blade.

The day was a great success and pupils enjoyed the opportunity to see how STEM subjects can be used in different settings.  Many thanks to the members of the Royal Navy STEM team who helped to make the day so worthwhile.

                  Ms Victoria Seaton

Form Three pupils working collaboratively at one of the work stations during the Royal Navy STEM Workshop at the end of November