‘Runsie in a Onesie’ Sports Science event

On the afternoon of Friday 16th December a number of the School’s Year Fourteen Sports Science students staged the highly successful ‘Runsie in a Onesie’ event for all of Grosvenor’s Junior School pupils, in conjunction with the requirements of their A2 Level coursework.

The concept of ‘Runsie in a Onesie’ was inspired by the ‘All For Onesie’ fundraiser that was previously held by the Northern Ireland Hospice, where participants were required to wear a onesie to work! On this occasion, however, each pupil was set the task of completing a two kilometre run around the grounds of the school whilst donning a vast array of fetching and eye-catching onesies, before letting off steam by participating in a selection of inflatable games and partaking of the wide selection of foods available at various stalls positioned around the playground.

The event proved highly popular, with in excess of four hundred pupils participating, helping to contribute towards the incredible total of over £4000 that was raised for the N.I. Hospice in the process.

Well done to all six of the pupils who formed the organising committee for this highly successful event, namely: Hannah Blair, Erin Whitla, Tim Larmour, Finley Quinn, Craig Irvine, Grace McCluney and Lewis Cunningham, as well as their teacher Mr Andrew Gibson who diligently oversaw their work in organising it; we now hope that all of this hard work translates to impressive grades come the publication of external A2 examination results in August of this year. 

Year Ten pupils celebrate following their completion of the 'Runsie in a Onesie' two kilometre course on the afternoon of Friday 16th December.