S.U. Event - 'The BAFTAs'

On the afternoon of Tuesday 12th November members of Grosvenor’s Scripture Union congregated in the Lecture Dance Studio where over a hundred pupils from all year groups across the School attended its annual ‘BAFTA’ awards, hosted by S.U. President Timothy Houston alongside Deputy Head Girl Rachel Cullen. 

The event took the form of a movie-themed table quiz with some time trial challenges thrown in, such as the ‘After Eight game’, seeing which team member was the quickest at eating fizzy laces and who could make a paper aeroplane that would fly the farthest! 

Following the conclusion of the table quiz Deputy Head Boy Andrew Wright took the opportunity to interview fellow Upper 6th pupils Emma Larmour and Johnny Gibson about how they became Christians and what their faith means to them in day-to-day life.

Finally, the event concluded with a talk from guest speaker Kyle Alexander, Physiotherapist for the Ulster Rugby team, who discussed the topic of satisfaction – what it is and how we find it.  Kyle spoke about how short-term satisfaction is easily found but true and lasting satisfaction is more difficult to discover and can only be found through God – a satisfaction that can be everybody’s through the good and bad in life if they put their trust in him.

Many thanks to Kyle for taking the time to come and speak to the Scripture Union and also to the entire 6th Form S.U. committee who successfully planned and arranged the entire event.