Salter’s Chemistry Festival @ QUB

On Wednesday 28th May four fortunate members of Grosvenor’s second form, namely Katie Dowds, Rachel McConkey, James Magrath and Peter McCreery, were afforded the opportunity to attend Queen’s University’s Chemistry Department where they participated in the annual ‘Salter’s Chemistry Festival’. 

Throughout the day the pupils competed in two Challenges, entitled the ‘Salter's Challenge’ and the ‘University Challenge’, and were also entertained by the ‘Elements’ display at the Ulster Museum as well as a ‘Chemical Magic’ display in the afternoon.

In particular the pupils enjoyed success in the ‘University Challenge’ where they combined as a team to achieve 1st place out of 16 participating Schools.  As part of the challenge each team had to cool a sample of water down to 10.5 degrees exactly in a certain time frame set by the judges; in recognition of their success the team secured some Chemical Structure Model Sets for the school.

All four pupils, accompanied on the day by their Chemistry teacher Miss Amanda Scullion, thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work in a tertiary-level Chemistry Laboratory and see how the subject is developed outside of the school classroom.


Grosvenor pupils (from left to right) Katie Dowds, Rachel McConkey, James McGrath and Peter McCreery, who combined to achieve victory in the 'University Challenge' at Q.U.B's 'Salter's Chemistry Festival 2014'