Scripture Union – ‘Acoustic Café 2’

On the afternoon of Tuesday 19th April Grosvenor’s ever-active Scripture Union society held its ‘Acoustic Cafe #2’ event after the concept initially proved highly popular earlier in the year.

In total approximately eighty pupils attended the event, which was based around the theme of 'God Is...'. As with many of the S.U’s events, there were plenty of refreshments available, as well as music from pupils Sarah Myles, Joanna Wright, Georgia Galway, Chris Allen, Jed McClellend and Ethan Jackson.

A number of short talks were also delivered by Upper and Lower Sixth pupils, entitled 'God Is... Real/Loving/Just/Perfect/Hope’, with each presenting a challenge to know God personally.

The event marked yet another enjoyable afternoon and a big thanks goes out to everybody who made the effort to attend, as well as the S.U. Sixth Form Committee, led by President and Deputy Head Girl Hannah Martin, who has coordinated all events within S.U. with aplomb throughout the year.

Well done to all involved and we look forward to hearing about more successful S.U. events throughout the remainder of the year.

Pupils enjoy fellowship and worship during the Scripture Union's 'Acoustic Cafe 2' event in the Common Room on Tuesday 19th April.