Scripture Union ‘BIG’ Weekend 2016

On the weekend of Friday 24th – Sunday 26th June Grosvenor’s highly proactive Scripture Union held its annual residential weekend as 38 pupils and 6 members of staff attended the much anticipated ‘BIG’ weekend 2016.

The event, which stands for ‘Believers in Grosvenor’, was held at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum and featured a wide range of fun and engaging activities, each relating to the religious faith which all in attendance had in common.

The primary speaker for the event was former GGS pupil Jonny Campbell whose talks all focused on the theme of ‘Plot Twist’. On Saturday morning he explained how, when we accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour, it is a plot twist in our lives, a turning point. He then added, on Saturday evening, that we can then become a plot twist in someone else's life by sharing the good news of Jesus and being open to use by God in reaching others.

In addition, a number of thoughts were also provided by a range of Sixth Form pupils over the course of the weekend while the worship was led expertly by guitarist and Deputy Head Boy Ben Sullivan.

Elsewhere activities included messy games on the Friday night, courtesy of Upper Sixth pupil Ryan Weir, as well as a trip to Bangor on the train on Saturday afternoon, while on the Saturday evening all in attendance participated in a superbly run murder mystery, organised by Alex Cullen and featuring Georgia Galway as ‘Miss Peacock’, Hannah Lewis as ‘Miss Scarlett’, Alice Myles as ‘Miss White’, Ryan Weir as ‘Professor Plum’, Ben Sullivan as ‘Colonel Mustard’ and Andrew Fisher as ‘Reverend Green’, which was eventually won by Mrs Black's team, which correctly managed to  identify the culprit, murder weapon and motive!

The event provided the perfect conclusion to what has been an extremely busy and successful year for Grosvenor’s Scripture Union, thanks largely to the superb organisation, leadership and direction provided by S.U. President, and Deputy Head Girl, Hannah Martin.

Particular thanks is reserved for staff members Mrs Caulfield, Mrs Buchanan, Mr Young, Mr Cowan and Mr Winters, as well as organiser-in-chief Mrs Black, without whose attendance the weekend would not have taken place, as well as Jonny Campbell whose challenging and engaging talks were a highlight of the weekend.

Well done to all who organised and participated in this highly successful event and we look forward to reading about yet more Scripture Union-related activities throughout the academic year 2016-2017.

Grosvenor's Scripture Union 'leavers' along with staff members Mrs Caulfield, Mrs Buchanan, Mr Young, Mr Cowan and Mrs Black during this year's 'BIG' weekend.

Some of Grosvenor's Upper Sixth S.U. members in character during Saturday evening's murder mystery event as part of this year's 'BIG' weekend.