Scripture Union Christmas party 2014

On the evening of Monday 8th December Grosvenor’s Scripture Union held its annual Christmas party as over forty pupils from all year groups welcomed in the festive season with a variety of interactive and enjoyable activities. 

The first half of the evening saw those in attendance participate in a range of games in the William Moles Hall, with the carousel-type set-up seeing teams move around the various games spread across the venue.

Following this those present were treated to a plethora of food, provided in the Home Economics rooms along with some festive music, before returning to the hall for an epilogue delivered by Upper Sixth pupil Kyle Glasgow

Many thanks to the Sixth Form Scripture Union committee, led by Sarah Whitcroft, for organizing such an entertaining evening of seasonal-based activity. 

We look forward to following the further fortunes of the S.U. over the remainder of the School year.


A number of Grosvenor pupils enjoy themselves during this year's Scripture Union Christmas Party