Scripture Union Christmas Party 2015

On the evening of Monday 7th December Grosvenor’s ever-active Scripture Union held its annual and always highly-anticipated Christmas party, where a total of forty pupils attended to enjoy an evening of fun, food and fellowship.

The School’s S.U. committee organised Christmas themed group and couple games for the evening, with plenty of prizes, while, when the pupils finally ran out of steam after a series of energetic activities, they had the opportunity to retreat to the Home Economics Department where teachers Mrs Caulfield, Mrs Sweeney and Mrs Buchanan kindly supplied an abundance of food for all to enjoy.

Following the end of the refreshments break the pupils made their way back to the William Moles Hall where they were very privileged to have Mr Glenn Johnson along to finish the evening off with a thought-provoking Christmas message.

Well done to all members of the S.U. committee who helped to put together such enjoyable and worthwhile evening, and we look forward to following their further exploits over the remainder of the year.

Scripture Union members compete in a series of fun games and activities at the annual S.U. Christmas party.