Scripture Union Christmas party 2017

On the afternoon of Tuesday 5th December Grosvenor’s effervescent Scripture Union society staged its annual Christmas Party in the Lecture/Dance Hall as it welcomed in excess of eighty pupils from all year groups to celebrate the coming of the festive season.

All present were welcomed with candy canes upon their arrival before being engaged in a series of social games and seasonal songs, punctuated by real and relevant snippets of the Christmas story, narrated by different members of the S.U. Sixth Form committee, told from the perspective of each of the key characters: Mary, Joseph, the wise men and the shepherds. Studying these characters brought a different take on the well-known passages of the Bible and provided an exellent reminder of the true meaning of Chritmas for all in attendance. 

The fun-filled, action-packed event proved a great way to bring the S.U.’s first term of 2017/18 to an end and to welcome in the Christmas period: we now look forward to reading about many further worthwhile S.U. events over the remainder of the year. 

Grosvenor's Sixth Form S.U. committee during this year's Christmas Party on Tuesday 5th December.