Scripture Union Weekend 2018

The weekend of Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th June saw Grosvenor’s ever-active Scripture Union Society hold its annual weekend as 45 pupils, along with four members of staff, rounded of another highly successful year of S.U. activities in style.

The weekend, held at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, saw the School’s own Head of Religious Studies, Mr Smith, deliver a series of challenging and educational talks throughout – particularly impressive as he was asked to step into this role only at the last minute, after the original speaker was forced to pull out. Mr Smith spoke on being more than half-hearted about Christ, using two key passages … the calling of Matthew to follow Jesus and the parable of the ten virgins.

The itinerary for the weekend saw a quiz held on Friday evening, led by this year’s S.U. President Judah McNaughton, along with Dan Whitcroft, before Saturday afternoon was spent in sunny Bangor and Saturday evening played host to an intriguing murder mystery event. In addition, Saturday night also featured a panel, including Mrs Buchanan, Mr Smith, Mr Young, Head Girl Amy Cullen and Deputy Head Girl Sarah Myles, while worship was led superbly throughout the weekend by the aforementioned Sarah Myles, as well as Sam McClintock and incoming Head Boy James Magrath.

The weekend proved an excellent way to conclude what has been a fantastic year for the School’s Scripture Union – it brought with it mixed emotions as it marked the final S.U.-related event for many of this year’s Committee, who have been superb in proactively organising a plethora of worthwhile activities throughout the year.

Many thanks to all of the pupils who have supported the S.U. so loyally throughout the year, as well as those members of staff without whom it would not be able to run – in particular, many thanks to organiser-in-chief Mrs Buchanan, as well as Mrs Caulfield, Mr Smith and Mr Young, whose attendance on this year’s weekend helped to make it such an overwhelming success.

We look forward to reporting on many more events in the S.U. calendar throughout the academic year 2018-2019.

Attendees at this year's S.U. weekend, held at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum.

Members of Grosvenor's departing S.U. Committee (from left to right): Sam McClintock, Judah McNaughton, Amy Cullen, Sarah Myles, Rachel Simpson and Rebekah Wilson.