Sea Cadets’ National Kayaking Championships

Congratulations to Grosvenor pupil Toni Dickson, form two, who recently achieved a superb silver medal at the national Kayaking Championships, held in London at the end of September.

The event, to which Toni travelled as a member of the Northern Ireland Sea Cadet team, saw sea cadets aged 12 – 18 from across the United Kingdom compete in a range of races at Junior and Senior level.

Toni’s participation came as one member of Northern Ireland’s two-woman Junior Double Marathon team, with her achievement made all the more remarkable by the fact that she only took up the sport seriously around three months ago.  During this time she has trained three times a week at Lough Neagh and made incredible strides at a rapid pace.

Well done to Toni on her achievement and all at Grosvenor wish her the best of luck as she continues to dedicate herself to developing her kayaking skills.

Grovenor pupil Toni Dickson, pictured alongside Principal Mr Robin McLoughlin, proudly displays her silver medal from the recent Sea Cadets' National Kayaking Championships in London