‘Senior Mathematics Challenge’ 2015

Congratulations to Grosvenor pupil Hannah Simpson who was recently awarded the title of ‘Best in School’ following her participation in the prestigious ‘Senior Mathematics Challenge’ 2015.

The ‘Senior Mathematics Challenge’ is an exam set by the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust for 16-19 year old students across the UK, and comprises a ninety minute paper consisting of twenty five challenging questions based on deeply mathematic solutions, the difficulty of which increases progressively with each question. The paper itself is multiple choice, with five possible answers - A,B,C,D or E - however incorrect answers result in a deduction of four marks (a correct answer is worth five marks), thus discouraging guessing.

This year’s paper was sat within Grosvenor by AS and A2 Mathematics students on 5th November, with the performance of a number of pupils leading to them being awarded either a bronze, silver or gold certificate, which were awarded to the top 60% of participants in a ratio of 3:2:1.

Recipients of these certificates within GGS were as follows:

BronzeEllis Hanna, Chris Ganacias, Gareth Keenan, Daniel Conn, Andrew Fisher, William Beck, Thomas Parke, Katie Taylor, Naomi Jess, Ben Stephenson, David Matthews, Natasha Anderson, Michael Dunwoody.

Silver Sam Long, Lewis Francey, Sophie Coffey, Grace McCluney, Michael Todorov, Thomas Whittaker, Jacob Stanex, Ethan Kee, Cameron Hamilton.

GoldHannah Simpson, Ryan Simpson.

In addition Hannah Simpson was awarded a further certificate for ‘Best in Year’ (Upper Sixth) while Ethan Kee and Cameron Hamilton shared the same accolade for Lower Sixth. Finally, Grosvenor’s two gold certificate recipients – Hannah Simpson, and Ryan Simpson, also secured qualification for the prestigious ‘Senior Kangaroo’ competition, in which they performed to such a level as to be awarded certificates of merit.

Well done to all of Grosvenor’s participants in this nationwide event, as well as to the school’s Head of Mathematics Ms. Seaton, who co-ordinated its participation within the event.

A number of Grosvenor's Upper Sixth mathematicians who were awarded either a gold, silver or bronze certificate in the 2015 'Senior Mathematics Challenge', including Hannah Simpson (third from left), who was awarded the 'Best in School' accolade.