Sensational Sailing Success!

Congratulations to Grosvenor pupil Lauren McDowell, Year Nine, who has enjoyed a series of successes in the discipline of sailing over the past number of months.

Lauren, who competes in the Under 14 class and sails for Ballyholme Yacht Club as well as Royal of Ireland Yacht Club, was selected to compete at the All-Ireland Youth Championships in Strangford in September of 2016 where, as one of the youngest sailors in the competition, she performed extremely well to place fifteenth out of a total of forty-eight competitors. In addition Lauren was also selected to represent Northern Ireland at the World Championships, which were held in Ballyholme last summer.

In the overall Winter Championships, meanwhile, Lauren also performed commendably, placing ninth out of thirty competitors in one of her races, but placing first out of all the sailors competing in the ‘Topper’ class, including many much older than herself.

As a member of the Northern Ireland squad Lauren is required to undergo regular fitness assessments which include the bleep test, pull-ups on a raised bar, long jump and a ‘sulphur sit’ to ensure that she is always in peak condition for her competitions: with this in mind we have no doubt that Lauren will continue to enjoy success in the water for many years to come and look forward to following her fortunes over the coming seasons.

Grosvenor pupil Lauren McDowell who has exelled in the discipline of sailing over recent months.