Shared Education Initiative 2017

On Wednesday 6th December Grosvenor’s Year Nine pupils made the short journey to Lagan College where they participated in a series of activities related to e-safety with their peers from Lagan as well as Our Lady and St. Patrick’s College.

This year’s Shared Education initiative had kicked off with an opening event at Grosvenor in September, which was followed in the afternoon by a historic bus tour of Belfast - visiting iconic sites such as the peace walls and Stormont. December’s follow-up event again focused on teaching pupils how to be safe online, and centred around what pupils should do if they find themselves in a difficult situation whilst online. The pupils also learnt how to use the internet in a positive way before being asked to produce a ‘digital footprint’ – outlining how they would like to be represented online, with Cara Coulter from Our Lady and St Patrick's College winning the prize for the best footprint. In addition pupils worked in groups to come up with a slogan for their upcoming E-Safety day in February. The winning group consisted of Luca McFarlane (9N), teo pupils from Lagan and two from Knock, who imaginatively came up with the slogan "Once it's on, it's never gone!"

In addition Thursday 14th December saw 10G continue the Shared Education initiative which they began as year nine pupils last year. This time the event took place at OLSPCK, focusing on coping with exam stress and adopting a positive mental attitude; pupils learnt about effective revision strategies and time management before taking part in a range of fun teamwork and problem-solving tasks. The pupils discussed how to overcome difficult times and talked about the positive things in their lives, as well as in their own personalities.

Many thanks to everybody at Lagan and OLSPC who have worked so hard to make their shared education intitaive alongside Grosvenor so successful; in partiucualr a huge debt of gratitude is extended to GGS Shared Education co-ordinator Mrs Ross who had worked tirelessly to ensure the success of the programme again this year.

We look forward to reading much more regarding Shared Education over the remainder of the year.


Pupils from GGS, Lagan College and Our Lady and St. Patrick's College during their visit to Parliament Buildings, Stormont in September.