Sixth Form Politics Debate @ Lagan College

On the morning of Monday 23rd March Grosvenor’s AS and A2 Politics Students from Lower and Upper Sixth made the short journey to Lagan College where they attended a ‘Hustings’ debate along with pupils from the host school, Ashfield Girls and ‘Our Lady and St,Patrick’s College’. 

Representatives from each of the six main parties, namely: Paula Bradley (DUP), Rodney McCune (UUP), Chris Lyttle (Alliance), Martin Miller (Sinn Feinn), Fearghal McKinney (SDLP) and Ross Brown (Green) made up the panel on the day, Chaired by Jim Fitzpatrick .

Those in attendance witnessed a highly engaging debate on issues such as welfare reform, environmental policies, education, employment and the Irish language. Students were able to ask questions from the floor and several of Grosvenor’s students participated in this way, including Daniel Clarke, Peter Magill, Euan McBride and Hannah Gibson. Students were also able to participate through the use of electronic voting which gave an instantaneous answer to the various questions posed by the audience, including which party students would vote for in 2015. 

With many of our students eligible to vote this year, the morning proved very informative and stimulating and discussions continued on the bus on the way back to school and into politics lessons after lunch. Many thanks to Lagan College for hosting this most worthwhile event and to Sixth Form Politics teachers Mrs Lander and Mrs Peel for their organisation of and attendance at it.




Panel members from this year's 'Hustings' event, held at Lagan College, along with a number of Grosvenor's A Level Politics students.