Spanish Exchange 2013

On Sunday 20th October thirty of Grosvenor’s most eager Spanish students in Forms 2 – Upper 6th, accompanied by teachers Mrs Salt, Mr Taggart and Mr Hunter, departed for Huesca in north-east Spain as they embarked on the first leg of the School’s 2013 exchange trip with its new partner ‘IES Pirámide High School'.

Over the course of the week-long trip Grosvenor’s visiting contingent were treated to a varied and packed programme of events including a tour of Huesca itself, featuring visits to the oldest shop in Europe, a number of monasteries and the town hall, as well as a trip to the nearby town of Jaca which involved a long, windy journey through the mountains before reaching the well-known monastery of San Juan De la Peña at the summit. 

In addition the latter part of the week saw pupils embark on some ice skating at the local rink, visit the biggest Burger King in Europe(!), travel to the mountain village of Alquézar to work the beautiful trail of Las Pasarelas del Río Vero and visit the city of Zaragoza, taking in the ruins of the city’s original amphitheatre as well as its Cathedral and a local shopping centre.

At the end of such a busy but worthwhile trip Grosvenor’s pupils were delighted to return home but equally as pleased to have experienced so much and benefitted so greatly from their most worthwhile Spanish experience.  Many thanks to the pupils and staff of ‘IES Piramide School’ for making Grosvenor’s entire party so welcome, as well as GGS’s three teachers who freely gave of their time in order to make the trip possible. 

The School looks forward to welcoming pupils from its exchange partner to Northern Ireland later in the year and to many more years of successful visits between the two Schools.

Grosvenor's Spanish exchange delegation, along with their partners from ‘IES Pirámide High School', pictured outside Zargoza Cathedral during their week-long trip at the end of October.

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