Spanish Immersion Experience 2014

On Monday 14th and Tuesday 15th April Grosvenor’s ever-vibrant Spanish department staged its now annual Immersion Experience as over thirty of its A-Level students participated in a range of fun and educational activities over two action-packed days.

The event ran from 9am – 9pm on the Monday, as well as 9.30am – 2pm the following day, and featured past pupils Chris Hunter, Jennifer Smyth and Rachel Campbell, each of whom have completed their PGCE in the past year, as well as Mark Deuchars who was in last year’s Upper 6th but has been tutoring in the School since September.

As well as enjoying takeaways on the Monday evening and Tuesday lunchtime the pupils took part in a number of activities such as workshops organised by the teachers and volunteers, a table quiz, a scavenger hunt around school, songs, a DVD night and a Dragons' Den activity which involved making videos.

Many thanks to Head of Spanish Mrs Amanda Salt, as well as fellow Spanish teachers Miss Julie Lee and Mrs Lynsey Mulholland, without whose organization and involvement the event would not have proven so successful.

Videos from the event are now available on while tweets may be followed at @spanishinggs.






Grosvenor's A-Level Spanish students hard at work during this year's Immersion Experience