St. John Ambulance Cadets Success!

Congratulations to Grosvenor Year Thirteen pupil Chlöe Hunter-Rea who recently finished her final competitive season as a Cadet in the St. John Ambulance Dundonald cadets by achieving a superb double success in the prestigious Boyce Cup and District Surgeon’s Cup, respectively.

Chloe has been a member in Dundonald since the age of four and a half, and has progressed from Badgers, moving into the Cadet division at the age of ten. Chloe completed her cadet leadership training in 2016 and was subsequently promoted to Leading Cadet in her unit in December 2016 (this is the highest rank a cadet can obtain within their unit.)

Chloe only started competing in February 2017 and led a three person team to second place in the ‘Emergency Care’ competition in the Eastern Area; she then led a four person team in the Northern Ireland district finals last April, where the team placed fourth in Northern Ireland.

In June of 2017 Chloe then competed in the ‘Eastern Area Cadet of the Year’ competition to become the representative cadet for her area. In this contest she placed second, making her the deputy Eastern Area Cadet of the year for 2018. Due to this success Chloe then progressed to the District final, in December 2017, where she competed against cadets from across Northern Ireland to impressively place in the top five.

Next, in February of 2018 Chloe then led one of two three person teams in the 'Emergency Care' competition at Area level; her team placed second in this competition. At this competition she also led a four person team in the First Aid category, which placed third overall.

Due to their success at the Eastern Area competitions, Chloe and her team-mates then progressed to the District finals, held on Saturday 7th April 2018. The four person team entered two competitions in the First Aid category - the Bernie Cup and the District Surgeon’s Cup. The team, led by Chlöe, were up against twenty-three teams for the Bernie Cup, while the District Surgeon’s cup featured eleven teams that all qualified at Area level. The competition for this trophy had two components - a four person team test and two pairs tests. For the highest team test score there is also the Boyce cup and, at the end of a gruelling, hard-fought contest, the team finished in a three-way tie, with Belmont Cadets and Dufferin Cadets, for the Boyce cup, achieving an impressive overall total of 120 points.

The final team test scores were then added to the scores achieved in the pairs tests, with Dundonald placing first overall, therefore achieving victory in the District Surgeon’s Cup, making them is the highest ranked team in Northern Ireland.

All at Grosvenor wish to extend a huge congratulations to Chloe on her recent successes and wish her the best of luck in her future St. John Ambulance-related activities over the months and years to come. 

Grosvenor pupil Chloe Hunter-Rea proudly displays the prestigious Boyce Cup and District Surgeon's Cup following her recent exploits as a member of the St. John Ambulance Dundonald Cadets.