‘Stock Market Challenge’ 2017

On Monday 13th March four of Grosvenor’s most talented and enthusiastic GCSE Business Studies students made trip to PwC where they participated in the final round of the 'Stock Market Challenge’, an online simulation game run by ‘Global Investor Simulations’.

Both of Grosvenor’s year eleven pairings attempted the initial round of the competition, either as a Media Analyst or an Investment Analyst, from which the top six schools in Northern Ireland advanced to the final round, which took place at PWC last Monday; Grosvenor secured its place following a fifth place finish in this intial round.

On the day of the final itself the students - Becca Conn, Katie Russell, Adam Smyth and Reece Lawson, combined to form one four-person team. Each member of the team had a different role: Media Analyst, Team Leader, Investment Analyst or Accounts Manager. The team was working for an Investment company, ‘Erskine Hill’, for a customer, Vladmir Gronsky. and with a member from Industry, Nigel, from ‘Chicago Mercantile Exchange’.

Throughout the day the team participated in three different trading ‘days’, and had to design a poster to demonstrate its learning, i.e how they allocated job roles, what their investment strategy and plan was, and how customer focused they were. The team’s strategy was to adopt a low-risk approach on the first day before building confidence in their roles for days two and three, in order to gain from a more high- risk set of tactics. Unfortunately, however, the team suffered significant losses on the fourth day as a result of taking too many risks.

Although the team did not win on the day, their eventual fourth placed finish was more than respectable. They were required to deliver a presentation, during which they all spoke clearly and confidently, explaining what they would do differently next time around.

Many thanks to ‘Global Investor Simulations’ for running this highly worthwhile event, PwC for hosting the final, and GGS teacher Miss McCabe for accompanying the pupils on the day – hopefully it will give our pupils a taste for online trading and they will seek to pursue a career in this area in the years to come.

Grosvenor's team of (from left to right): Reece Lawson, Katie Russell, Becca Conn and Adam Smyth compete during the final of the 'Stock Market Challenge' 2017, on Monday 13th March.

Grosvenor's team delivers it final presentation during the event, held at PwC.