String Quartet @ The City Hall

On Saturday 13th September Grosvenor’s esteemed String Quartet wowed all in attendance when it was invited to perform at the Railway Preservation of Ireland’s 50th Anniversary Dinner. 

The quartet’s invitation to the event, held at the City Hall, came from Grosvenor’s former Principal, and Railway Preservation of Ireland member, Mr John Lockett, and saw it perform in front of a range of renowned guests, including The Lord Mayor of Belfast, Nichola Mallon.

The quartet, comprising Rebekah McGuiken (Upper 6th, Violin I), Josh Murtagh (Upper 6th, Violin II), Matthew Hedley (Upper 6th, Viola) and Thomas Parke (Form 5, Cello), were accompanied to the event by Grosvenor’s Head of Music Miss Rosemary Foster and very much enjoyed the opportunity to perform at such a distinguished event.

We look forward to following the fortunes of the String Quartet throughout the year.


Left to Right:  Grosvenor's String Quartet of Rebekah McGuiken, Josh Murtagh, Matthew Hedley and Thomas Parke, along with Head of Music Miss Rosemary Foster, at the Railway Preservation Society of Ireland's 50th Anniversary Dinner on Saturday 13th September