Swimming Gala 2013

Congratulations to Form Classes 1E, 2S and 3V which were placed first in their respective year groups at this year’s school Swimming Gala.  The event, held at the nearby Robinson Centre, saw over a hundred pupils in Junior School compete in a range of events on the morning of Tuesday 28th May.

Congratulations to all who competed so well on the day, as well as the School’s P.E. department, assisted by a number of G.C.S.E. P.E. students, who organised the event successfully.

The full list of Form class results from the gala is listed below.

Form One

1E – 47 points

1G – 40 points

1R – 35 points

1N – 30 points

1V – 29 points

1S – 29 points


Form Two

2S – 40 points

2V – 39 points

2R – 36 points

2E – 36 points

2G – 26 points

2N – 25 points


Form Three

3V – 52 points

3G – 40 points

3N – 27 points

3E – 27 points

3R – 16 points

3S – 14 points



Pupils Victoria Catterson (1E), Aston Edmond (2S) and Lauren McCaskey (3V) receiving this year's swimming gala trophies on behalf of their victorious classes.