Tall Ships Selection 2015

Congratulations to former Grosvenor pupil Naomi Chambers who was selected to participate in the 'Tall Ships Races 2015' as a crew member on the Christian Radich ship during the summer.

Naomi, a member of last year’s Upper Sixth, attained her place in the event following an extensive selection process which saw her submit an application form, sourced from her council website, and complete an interview that included a number of team games, each of which allowed members of the selection panel to identify key qualities within each candidate.

After being informed of her successful application by the Crew Selection Committee in May Naomi was then required to undergo a vigorous training programme which focused initially on sea survival, including both theory and practical elements, and then later on gaining first-hand experience of sailing boats and motorboats in a later session, held at the Odyssey Arena and the River Lagan.

Naomi’s experience of the contest itself, as one of twelve Belfast trainees on a ship which featured approximately one hundred crew members in total, was varied but highly positive, with notable memories including: sleeping in a hammock alongside forty other people in the same room, steering the Christian Radich ship itself, observing both whales and dolphins at close hand and being seasick! In addition Naomi also learnt how to lift sails and wrap them, while she was required to clean the ship and act as lookout on occasion.

In all the thirteen day voyage, which began on 5th July, proved incredibly beneficial for Naomi, who acquired skills that will stay with her for life and met a wide variety of people from whom she learned and benefited much.

Well done to Naomi on her selection to participate in such an elite, prestigious contest and all at Grosvenor now wish her the best of luck as she continues her studies at Northern Regional College.

Former Grosvenor pupil Naomi Chambers gets the opportunity to steer the Christian Radich ship during her Tall Ships experience 2015.

The entire crew of the Christian Radich ship during the Tall Ships Races 2015