'The Addams Family'

The week beginning Monday 21st January 2019 saw Grosvenor stage its annual whole-school Drama Production, performing ‘The Addams Family’ to in excess of 1500 audience members over four entertaining and action-packed performances.

Under the leadership of Director Mrs Orla Young and Musical Director Mr Jonathan Arnold this year’s cast and crew, comprising in excess of seventy pupils from Years Eight to Fourteen, combined to deliver a vibrant and entertaining take on the show, which follows the story of the eponymous Addams clan; a quirky, macabre family who are forced to face up to the reality of change, for the first time in generations, when daughter Wednesday falls in love with Lucas Beineke, a sweet, smart boy who could not be more different to what the Addams’ are accustomed. 

Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd November saw the cast deliver matinée performances to visiting Primary School children in the William Moles Hall, while on the evenings of Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th the show was staged for members of the paying public. The production saw a number of acclaimed performances delivered by lead actors Tyler Smith (Gomez), Anna Smith (Mortica), Maddie Gribbon (Fester), Stephanie Wallace (Wednesday), Anna Cousins and Beth Vance (Nanny and Granny), Aaron Fisher (Pugsley), Robert Orr, (Lurch), Emily Woods (Mona Lisa), Stephen Wright (Mal Beineke), Sarah Whittle (Alice Beineke) and Mark Crooks (Lucas Beineke). In addition, the show’s acting leads were ably supported by a large and enthusiastic supporting cast, as well as a talented band of musicians, comprising Jack Brown (electric guitar), Ben Russell (bass guitar), Joshua Harvey (drums), Abbie Myles (alto saxophone), Bethany McKittrick (tenor saxophone) and Ben Simpson (trumpet) that, as has become customary, delivered its distinctive score with vivacity and aplomb throughout.

Following four accomplished, professional and entertaining performances, all in attendance were left wowed by the level of application and effort which enabled Grosvenor’s cast to produce such a superb series of shows. In recent times the school has deservedly earned a name for delivering Musical Drama productions of the highest quality and ‘The Addams Family’ served only to enhance this reputation.

Congratulations to everybody involved in Grosvenor’s production of ‘The Addams Family’ who helped to make the show such an overwhelming success - we look forward to seeing many of its talented actors and actresses treading the boards again before long.

Anna Smith (Mortica) takes centre stage during one of the School's evening performances of 'The Addams Family' on Wednesday 23rd January. 

Year Thirteen pupil Tyler Smith waxes lyrical as his character, Gomez, during this year's school drama production.