The Gideons' annual Year Eight visit

On Thursday 4th October Grosvenor welcomed representatives from ‘The Gideons International’ to the School where they spoke to its Year Eight pupils during their weekly Year Assembly.

The Gideons, which was founded as long ago as 1899, was originally set up in order to place Bibles in public places such as hospitals, hotels, and schools for free - to ensure that the likes of travelling businessmen would always have access to a Bible no matter where in the world they were.

In keeping with this premise, last Thursday saw two representatives from the organisation deliver Bibles to Grosvenor – with all 155 members of its Year Eight therefore receiving their own, personal copy, as all Year Eight pupils in GGS have done for many years.

Many thanks to the Gideons for making the effort to visit the school and for showing such generosity to the School’s pupils - all within the School are incredibly appreciative of their continued efforts and look forward to welcoming them back to Grosvenor for many years to come.

Members of 8V proudly display their Bibles following The Gideons' visit to the School last Thursday.